Every day that Trump remains in office is a threat to our democracy and to our national security.   Join our global grassroots efforts! The #DANGERSIGNS selfies you upload to our site will be used to warn people in your community through social media and urge them to vote for a congressman who will stand up to and impeach Donald Trump.  Help elect a Congress in 2018 who will impeach Trump.  The fate of our democracy and nation rests in the hands of our voters.

1. Download your #DANGERSIGNS here 

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All Main Files

NEW! 3 bonus signs


2. Take a “Danger Selfie” 

Take a selfie or video holding up the sign. Locations recognizable by people in your community are ideal.

Social Media
Post your photos online with hashtag #DangerSigns



Why do we need to warn now?

Donald Trump has become increasingly dangerous as the case against his campaign and White House associates is a growing threat to him and his family.  We need to raise public awareness and work to get our public representatives to take action before his inevitable lashing out.

How will you find my images?

We will look on social media using the hashtag #DANGERSIGNS.  You can also share them with us directly via messaging on Twitter and Facebook.  We look forward to seeing your activism in action!


Wearable Danger Signs

Show your support of our campaign and help the #DutyToWarn movement!

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